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jam-n-jelly So we’ve all heard of waiting lists for handbags – the Birkin bag has had a list as long as the trans-siberian railway line since time began -  but who would have thought that there could be such a thing as a waiting list for nail varnish???!  Well you’d better believe it, because Essie nail varnishes are selling out faster than hot cakes and the only way to get your manicured mitts on the season’s hottest colours is to wait in line!

You only need to search for Essie on to realise quite howbachelorette-bash stratospheric this funky nail polish brand has become. The girls at Vogue clearly love their Essie too as they’ve written up the brand a staggering eight times in the last 10 months!!

And let’chin-chillys face it, what’s not to love?? Essie Weingarten has created over 250 gorgeous and unusual colours and we want them all!! Who would have thought that Chin Chilly - which looks an uninspiring clay colour in the bottle- would transform even my unloved nails with an elegantly manicured look to die for.

You need only look at Essie’s celebrity following to realise quite how well received the brand has been (See actress Erin Lucas sporting Chin Chilly below)


In her fantabulous blog, Essie says:

“ when I was an assistant buyer at Bendel’s, I noticed a lack of variety of colors in nail polish and I realized I had to make a permanent change to the nail care industry. So, I worked with a chemist and developed 12 colors. I then packed my suitcase and took them with me to Las Vegas where the women in the city, from visitors and dancers to cocktail waitresses and dealers, had a particular need for beautifully manicured hands. Luckily, the polishes were a hit and essie cosmetics was born.”  Now “ there are 250 colors in the essie line”.

We’re absolutely hooked! Check out Essie’s newest colours here.

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