To Be-spoke or not to Be-spoke, that is a very good question.

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In our devotion to ensuring your Christmas runs smoother than a baby’s derriere, the girls at Austique have spent the whole year coming up with innovative Christmas present ideas that will earn you more brownie points than you’ll know what to do with.

We have thought long and hard about our own experiences of giving and receiving presents, spoken to hundreds of our customers about their experiences and believe that we’re now pretty switched on when if comes to providing crowd pleasing grace keyring

3-engraved-necklacesWhilst jewels and lingerie never go amiss, what we’ve found really hits the spot is the personal touch of bespoke gifts. Every girl loves to know that her man has invested time and effort in her presents, rather than sending out his PA, last minute to find something generically Christmasey.  As such we have come up with our range of bespoke gifts, to ensure that your lady, whoever she may be,will feel very special this Christmas.

The Austique Bespoke Collection ranges in price from the cute Leather Star Key Ring at £20 to the fabulous Diamond Initial Pendant at £850, with many items in between. I’ve picked out a few of my favourites below to help 2010-black-diaryyou choose the perfect gifts this year:

The Desktop Diary is a great present for anyone from your girlfriend to her mother. Made from beautiful snake-skin effect paper and coming in three great colours they will bring  elegance and order to the New Year.

large-name-necklaceAs our tribute to Carrie and the girls from SATC we created the Austique Solid Gold Name Necklace last summer and ever since, they have been our most popular piece of jewellery! Now available in two sizes, silver and 9K solid gold there are even more options to choose from.

Being an old romantic at heart, this next necklace is my personal fave as it has so many romantic possibilities; the engraved disk necklace is an entirely blank canvas for you to do with what you will!

Some people have initials engraved on it; some people have had their children’s names engraved around the edge; but my favourite is the romantic message.  What could be more romantic than a necklace that says on one side ‘the best thing about me is…’ to be turned over to reveal ‘… is you’. Of course… I’ve kind of ruined that idea now,  but anything goes.

I’m secretly coming over all Cilla Black and  hoping that someone may use it for a marriage proposal. If they do, I want an invite to the wedding!!


All our bespoke items are very flexible and take roughly two weeks once ordered. If you’d like to discuss the many options, please email or call us on 0207 376 3663.

One Comment

  1. Please please please santa may I have a J for Jessica?

  2. Please please please santa may I have a J for Jessica?

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