Hello There…Christophe Sauvat

A glorious new Summer season is upon us, and with it comes a host of gorgeous hot weather pieces to add to your wardrobe from Austique! The master of pool to bar chic and new designer at Austique for this season, Christophe Sauvat sat down with us for a set of quick-fire questions on the inspiration behind his brand and the most important people in his life…

How long have you been working with Austique?
2 years

Austique is…
A wonderful melting pot of great style and fashion. More a lifestyle than a shop.

What inspires you about your work?
People and travel. I love that my work allows me the freedome of discovery. The constant renewal of ideas, the exchange of cultures.

Did you always want to be a designer?
Wouldn’t know how to do anything else

Where are you based?
We are based in Lisbon, Portugal, with my kids and wife. The perfect place where the ocean, river and city life blend into one.

What does your average day at work entail?
We are lucky enough to have the offices only a stones throw away from our house, so it is all pretty smooth. I have to admit that I am often away on production, buying or inspiration trips. I have a great back office team, especially our right hand woman, Alejandra – a fierce Colombian with a fighting spirit who manages all the daily questions.

What is the one lesson you have learnt about working in the fashion industry that you would advise to beginners of the industry?
Be strong. The competition is tough, hang in there. For me there has never been a plan B, so this is it, it has to work. I believe it, I live it and sleep it. I am lucky as I made my hobby my work.

Who are your style influences and why?
My wife for sure, she is an extremely elegant hippie girl. Women I see on my travels, women from paintings and photographs. I am influenced by all that surrounds me, India, Europe, the blue of Aegean sea. The Caribbean, Mexico, music. That is what Christophe Sauvat is about – bohemian elegance, a marriage of cultures regardless of boundaries.

To unwind after a hard days’ work I like to…
The ocean for a swim. This is one of the great privileges of living by the sea and in a country where the weather is pretty kind to us all year round.

I could not work without….
My wife! The pillar of sanity both in the office and at home.

And finally….Chelsea or Notting Hill?
Tough one. My wife would say Chelsea. And I Notting Hill.

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